10 Year Challenge: Berkeley Edition

Written by Imogen Quail

Everyone knows that when a new chapter dawns, we all begin to dream of what we want to achieve in the upcoming year – a new and improved version of our current selves. Even though every year you have a habit of resorting back to your old ways after a month… (just me?).

As I was endlessly scrolling through Facebook one night this week, I saw the latest social media craze: The 10 Year Challenge. Amongst my continuous scrolling, various ‘2009’ to ‘2019’ photographs were popping up all over my news feed. Since January marked my fifth month working for Berkeley Communications, an idea came into my head – the 10 Year Challenge: Berkeley Edition.

I’ve done some research into Berkeley through the ages, from 2009 all the way to 2019. So, what’s changed?

Everyone who works in an office knows the importance of a happy workplace. If you don’t like your working environment, it’s likely that you will struggle to remain happy and motivated. Way back when in 2009, Berkeley HQ was situated in Theale, in offices that were small, dark and very out-dated. Whereas now, we are located on the lovely Green Park, overlooking Longwater Lake which we have the pleasure of seeing through our large bay windows.

The past 10 years at Berkeley have been a time of unprecedented growth – and not just internally, but with our clients too. Berkeley started as a mainly b2b tech PR agency but now works with a vast range of clients. From tech, to consumer to retail, as an agency Berkeley has seen many exciting and diverse new clients come on board, expanding its client portfolio more than ever before.

Berkeley has grown from strength to strength as an agency over the years. It now has an office of 55 employees, each with different talents. From finance to content, design, research and media relations – it is more than just a PR agency. It is a communications company that provides a wide channel of talents to help businesses tell their own, unique story.

Now we’ve reflected on how far Berkeley has come, it’s occurred to me that there is one thing about Berkeley that has always remained the same. It prides itself on the power of story.

If you are interested in becoming a top storyteller like our team at Berkeley, then visit our website here to find out more. Who knows where it could take you!