A story about the power of story

Written by Alex Kent

For those who don’t know, Berkeley Communications has its own Storytelling Academy. Our CPD accredited foundation course helps you to understand why storytelling remains the greatest human pastime and how you can begin to apply it to your brand effectively.

Everyone that works at our PR agency also goes through the course. Even our finance department and office managers. Having recently re-joined the agency, I’ve just gone through the course again myself. At the end of the course we’re asked to write a story relating to the organisation we work for.

I chose to write a story about the power of story, which I’d like to share with you. Are you sitting comfortably?

Once upon a time there was a little girl who refused to eat her greens. Every day her mother would try to encourage her, but she’d always refuse. She didn’t like the taste, even though they were good for her. Her mother was at her wits end.

One day the little girl’s mother met a Storyteller. The Storyteller wrote and designed a picture story book for her to read to the little girl, telling the story of a dragon that lived in a big castle and terrorised the local town, stealing all their greens.

The villagers were very upset and had almost forgotten what greens tasted like. One day the dragon was sleeping in its castle, when a brave young girl snuck in and took some back. She ate the greens which gave her super human strength, and with this strength was able to defeat the dragon and save the entire village from its tyranny. She was a hero.

The little girl’s mother read her the story before bed and watched her eyes light up by the inspiring tale. The next day she gave the little girl her dinner on a plate decorated with a big dragon, that the Storyteller had also designed. The little girl remembered the story, and quickly ate all her greens, eager to be a hero herself. From that day onwards, she never refused to eat her greens ever again. The end.

If your business can relate to the metaphorical challenges faced by the little girl’s mother, then speak to the storytelling agency about how we can help.