Berkeley Communications


Senior Account Manager


Reading Office

Educational Qualifications

Degree-level of Equivalent

Role objective

The senior account manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of a number of different accounts, often without day to day AD support, ensuring the team is motivated and delivers on client expectations. Their proven consultancy skills will make them the first port of call for clients who will see them as a sounding board for initiatives and general marketing feedback/advice. As a senior member of the team, the SAM is accountable for the actions of the whole team, as well as being a key decision maker, strategist and planner.

Key responsibilities

Account responsibilities:

  • Ownership and daily management of a number of client accounts
  • Planning, monitoring and evaluating activities relative to client marketing objectives, business goals and expectations
  • Strategic level thinking and planning
  • Allocating and managing the successful delivery of tasks within the team
  • Arranging and leading team and client update meetings
  • Main contact point for clients and key decision-makers
  • Motivating individuals and the team to meet and exceed client expectations
  • Identifying opportunities to increase monthly retainer and secure (and successfully manage the smooth running of) additional projects
  • Relationship building and networking with colleagues, clients and the media
  • Liaising on a daily basis with team, clients and the media, via telephone and email
  • Provide marketing and general business support for clients as appropriate

Company responsibilities:

  • Mentor and source of support to junior team members
  • Lead the way with a proactive approach to both on- (including company blog and Twitter) and offline social networking
  • Identify credible and appropriate new business leads
  • Highlight the team’s achievements to others within the organisation and clients when appropriate
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the team; work with individuals setting goals to improve specific skills.
  • Line management responsibilities helping to cultivate team spirit, along with emphasising the Berkeley company values (PIES)
  • Support and demonstrate the use of agency values (PIES)
  • Take an active role in the recruitment of the team; undertake telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews

Skills and experience

Key skills:

  • Confident leader
  • Good listener and approachable
  • Creativity, energy and enthusiasm
  • Good organisational and time management skills
  • Display autonomy and accountability
  • Strong relationships with all target media, including national and online press
  • Self – motivation and a persuasive manner
  • Proven spoken and written communication skills across a variety of areas
  • Enhanced ‘people skills’, able to adapt to a range of audiences both internally and externally
  • Consistent professional manner
  • Proven presentation and negotiation skills
  • Strong press office experience