Iron Mountain

Soldiers’ Wills

The forgotten voices of WWI

Hastily scribbled wills tucked into uniform pocketbooks with private letters and notes. The silent voices of WW1 soldiers who never made it home. 278,000 documents made it back across the water. Iron Mountain scanned the lot. Then, together with Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) placed them online for everybody.

  • 330 pieces of coverage
  • Front page of the Daily Telegraph
  • More than 411,000 online searches
  • Over 7,000 user registrations

A powerful story that deserved strong media interest. And sensitive handling. We worked closely with the PR team at Iron Mountain and with HMCTS to plan the campaign. Letting the voices of the soldiers speak for themselves. We invited top journalists to see and read some of the documents stored in the unique archives. The Guardian, The Times, PA, the BBC, The Mirror and The Daily Express came. We invited WW1 experts to brief them alongside Iron Mountain spokespeople. Only then did we release the story to the world. BBC West Midlands, Channel 5, ITV and CBS got in touch. Within days we had over 330 pieces of coverage including the front page of the Daily Telegraph, more than 411,000 online searches and over 7,000 user registrations.

Iron Mountain continues to quietly and securely protect the original documents on behalf of HMCTS.

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"Berkeley helped us and our customer, HMCTS, to tell this historically significant and moving story with sensitivity, while still achieving the PR goals of audience reach and web traffic"
Phil Riley
Senior Public Relations Manager, Europe

UK Public realations agency nominated for prestigious awards

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