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Educating the world about cyber-risks

As a powerhouse in IT security, Kaspersky Lab has a duty to educate the world about cyber-risks.

Many of these are technical, complicated and politically sensitive, so Berkeley was called in to help.

Berkeley’s targets:

  • To ensure retention of its ranking in the top three for industry mindshare
  • To work closely with Kaspersky Lab HQ on the creation of original content. As well as strategic content counsel for use globally
  • Coach the executive leadership team to use storytelling techniques to speak with a confident, single voice

PR Challenges

The biggest challenges associated with PR around IT security are that;

  1. They are easy to sensationalise, thereby alienating ordinary people and firms;
  2. Both areas are complex and rapidly evolving.

The creative challenge lies in communicating important news with clarity, balance and responsibility.


  • Profiling founder and CEO, Eugene Kaspersky as the human face of the company
  • A relentless, immediate response to breaking cyber-news – focusing on what it meant for ordinary people and organisations
  • Targeted, proactive campaigns and industry events
  • Face-to-face executive PR coaching and support undertaken by Berkeley’s CEO
  • Responsive and out-of-hours, global content creation, editing and counsel

UK PR outcomes

  • 459 media interviews
  • 53 broadcast articles
  • A highly successful rapid response programme. For example, the hacking of celebrities’ iCloud accounts, secured more than 500 articles
  • A five-fold increase in media coverage

By the end of year, Vocus’ mindshare figures confirmed that Kaspersky Lab received the most mentions globally in the IT security space. Berkeley has strengthened Kaspersky Lab’s position in the UK as an IT security thought leader and an authority whose expertise is regularly sought. This has contributed to a doubling in sales for Kaspersky Lab over the past four years.

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“In the six years we have worked together, quantity and quality of coverage has increased unequivocally. There is never a shortage of creative campaign ideas and they certainly don’t rely on the press office basics to get the results. I don’t see Berkeley as ‘an agency’ or as a supplier to our business. Without doubt, they are part of our team – I believe a huge part of our success is down to this.”
Ruth Knowles
Corporate Communications Manager, Threat Research and Strategic Projects, Kaspersky Lab

CIPR 2015 shortlist

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