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The Silent Necessity

NETGEAR provides networking products that connect people, power businesses. As well as advancing the way we live. Robust, reliable WiFi is something we all take for granted. Whether it is in our homes, businesses or public places. We simply can’t function without it.

It might be a silent necessity. There are no shortage of complaints to the concierge or reception if WiFi access is not up to scratch in the hospitality sector.


NETGEAR says hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, particular smaller ones, are losing significant custom. This is through a lack of understanding when it comes to customers’ wireless expectations. Also through a belief that solutions are difficult and costly.

The team needed to develop a campaign that would make owners and managers sit up and take action. Berkeley conducted research into the opinions of 500 venue owners/managers and 2,000 of the people they serve. The findings would fuel PR and marketing for six months, arming sales teams with content from which to start conversations and secure customers.

Berkeley identified a huge disconnect between the value that venues place on WiFi for their own operations and offering it as a service for customers.

As a result of the campaign, NETGEAR experienced:

  • 1,950 per cent rise in web traffic
  • 50+ leads in the hospitality sector with an average order value of $10,000
  • 72 pieces of coverage
  • With a total OTS of 10,617,427

The campaign amassed 72 pieces of coverage with a total OTS of 10,617,427 and social media followers rose, with LinkedIn followers increasing by 200 per cent within the first month of the campaign.

Coverage in

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"Through an integrated lead generation campaign, which included PR, creative assets, Google Adwords, landing page, email communications and telemarketing, we are generating an average of one qualified lead per day."
Kate Allen
Marketing Manager at NETGEAR
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