Birds, bees, dragons and tech PR

Written by Paul Stallard

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your life revolves around stories. From a young age you have been taught to understand the world through tales, such as the ones where the good always wins in the end, the ones about spinach making your muscles strong or even the ones about the birds and the bees. Eventually, you’ve also started telling your own stories, from how your sibling started the brawl, how your dog ate the homework, how your piano teacher conveniently cancelled today’s lesson to how you’ll be way cooler than your parents and absolutely nail being a grown-up.

As adults, the stories we tell ourselves and others only become more sophisticated, but they never go away. By this time they are deeply ingrained in how we function and make sense of the world. Stories, however, also help us relax and unwind. After a long day we instinctively put on a good film, binge on our favourite TV show or reach out for a good book. Some of us dive even deeper into the world of storytelling.

I am about to join a group of my friends on an epic mission to plunder hoards of treasure and battle legendary monsters in the Lost Mine of Phandelver, all from the comforts of my lounge. Yes, I am talking about one of the most popular role-playing games (RPGs) in the world, Dungeons and Dragons. Originating from mid-1970s, the game is recognised as the founding stone of modern role-playing game industry and you don’t need to be a fantasy nerd to see what attracts millions of people to join in.

It is the stories limited only by our imagination that lure the young and old to the game. You get to step outside the everyday mundane world and enter a universe in which you are a powerful sorcerer, stealthy elf or a resilient dwarf on a mission that can be as honourable or evil as you fancy. You have full control over your character’s back story and current actions. Once your team has mastered the basics, you can set out on adventures in the Star Wars or Marvel universe, in the world of Harry Potter or even create your own spacetime.

On the one hand, RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons are an easy ticket to leave the everyday worries behind, on the other, they are a great way of getting your creativity flow. Who knows, maybe the actions of your character will inspire you in the not-so-fictional world of ours. After all, fine-tuned storytelling skills can be applied in numerous settings, B2B tech PR included.