Business storytelling: How do you make technology interesting?

Written by Paul Stallard

Tech. It used to be a word that didn’t have much influence on my life, well, at least I didn’t think it did. Nor did I truly appreciate how much of a role technology played in my existence. That was until around five weeks ago when I moved to Reading and joined a tech PR agency.

You see, it was around that time that I packed up my stuff and left the familiarity of the West Midlands (from where I hail), to start a new chapter of my life here in Reading. Yes, I feel like a northerner more than I ever have before. But back to the point I’m making about technology.

Since my move, I’ve developed a new level of appreciation for all things tech.

No longer is my laptop something purely used for Netflix, but it’s a way for me to remain in regular touch with friends and family back home, via Skype and or similar programmes. My console is also more than just a games device now, it is a medium through which I can catch up with old friends. Suddenly their purpose has transformed, and I’m surrounded by technology products that at one time I took totally for granted, but now couldn’t be without. They’re vessels to my loved ones back home, devices through which I can communicate with people while doing other things on them, like browsing the net, playing a game or completing some important client work.

And I’ve realised, through working for Berkeley Communications, that this is true of most tech. Not all of it can be used for communication purposes, but technology products change and enhance lives for the better and this is what we as a tech PR agency like to focus on rather than the features and benefits. Humanising a piece of tech is one of the easiest ways of making it interesting as people can feel a connection with it and understand how it can change their lives.

My appreciation for tech has been totally transformed, and that’s the power it has.