How do I become a better storyteller?

Written by Paul Stallard

Do you remember your favourite book as a child? Can you still see the cover picture? Stories are fundamental to the human experience, connecting directly with our emotions and remaining with us for years.

Anyone who reads the this blog will know that at Berkeley Communications we are obsessed with storytelling. Far too often you see content from a tech PR agency putting out stories that are quite simply boring. Technology isn’t boring. It transforms lives. What is boring is how businesses are telling the world their news. Instead of putting out X launches Y announcements, organisations need to embrace business storytelling.

Business storytelling is more than a buzzword. It has the power to change how people see and react to things, including you and your business. From your staff and colleagues all the way through to your customers, storytelling has the power to influence word of mouth – a marketers dream.

Many PR agencies in the US are already implementing this approach, but finding a PR agency in the UK living and breathing business storytelling is more difficult. At Berkeley Communications it is why we get out of bed. We believe it’s fundamental that every employee knows their brand’s story and that business storytelling is encouraged throughout the company, not just reserved for customer-facing communications.

This is why we launched the Berkeley Storytelling Academy which has been accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

By attending one of the courses you can become a more charismatic, inspiring and influential leader, and allows you to stand out as simply more memorable than your competitors. We want to help you create your own fresh stories about your business and understand how you can deliver them.

For a list of dates for our next course visit our site or contact to discuss a bespoke session.