Move over CV, it’s all about the MeVie now …

Written by Berkeley


During my usual trawl of the national papers this week, I came across an interesting piece of research in the Daily Mail about the growing trend for CVs to take the form of video submissions rather than paper format. According to recruitment specialist Hello My Name Is …, 83 per cent of employers believe that a traditional CV fails to show ‘important qualities such as personality and confidence’.


Dubbed a “MeVie”, job applicants are now using videos to get across their personalities as well as skills and qualifications to help them stand out from the crowd. And with some of the UK’s top companies receiving over 150 applications per graduate post, the MeVie seems like a good way for candidates to get noticed.


Having been involved in the interview process at Berkeley over the past few years, a paper CV can only tell you so much and it’s not until you speak to the candidate that you get to know the person behind the qualifications and for their experience and passion to be brought to life. A big part of working in PR is about being personable and good on the phone, so we use telephone interviews as the first step in our recruitment process to get a feel for the person behind the CV, before inviting them in for a more formal, face-to-face interview.


I don’t think MeVies will replace written CVs anytime soon, but as competition for roles becomes tougher, using them in place of a cover letter to give a short overview of the candidate and their desire for the role (along with a more formal written CV) would help them stand out from the crowd.


We would certainly be open to receiving MeVies from future candidates (along with their written credentials), so visit our careers page or email if you are interested in putting yourself in the frame for future vacancies.
Kate Bartholomew