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Alphabet first engaged with Berkeley in 2014, to extend its reach and share of voice within a crowded market, to drive traffic to the website and generate leads.

Berkeley analyses online sentiment for Alphabet daily. Monitoring traditional and digital news to provide vital intelligence opportunities to respond.

  • In total, Berkeley has garnered over 530 separate pieces of coverage. Almost 80 per cent of which appears in top tier press.

Working in lock-step with PR, the social media campaign has been a powerful force for boosting business engagement and monitoring brand sentiment. The resulting topics of conversation and web traffic increased from 40 to over 15,000 searches per week at its peak.

To optimise Alphabet’s LinkedIn presence, the team drafts salient, thought provoking content on trending topics. As a consequence, the company has seen its LinkedIn network grow from 1,862 to 3,323 followers. An increase of 79 per cent.

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“Social media, has become a vibrant online community, with plenty of valuable interaction. Berkeley consults on best practice in every instance.”
David Jones
Communications Manager
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