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Balancing information freedom with protection

Iron Mountain wanted to cement its position as the information management provider of choice to the public sector. As well as driving leads.

The team wanted to uncover an original story that would evoke an emotional reaction with the audience and drive outcomes.

The story would form the backbone of an integrated communications campaign. Running across PR, social, web and direct marketing. This drove traffic to a landing page where Iron Mountain would be able to capture leads.

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Working with Berkeley, the team surveyed 150 senior executives responsible for the Government’s digital transformation. They explored a story about balancing the demands for wider public access to information, with the need to protect it.

The results found that issues arose from resource allocation, estate rationalisation. As well as digital transformation and that they are making it increasingly difficult for the public sector to manage information as successfully as they would like. As a result, sensitive and confidential records are being placed at increased risk of inadvertent disclosure or loss. This gave the team scope to plan an eight month integrated communications campaign.

What we did

An in-depth white paper provided guidance for public sector organisations to further protect their data and plug the skills gap. This was supported by two press releases, two thought leadership articles and a series of blogs. Berkeley also developed an animated infographic, four HTML emails and a social media plan.

The team executed the social plan. This included a one hour Twitter chat, using the hashtag #IMChat, involving senior managers from Iron Mountain.

Coverage metrics only tell part of the story. The campaign led to 80 leads from the HTML email series. As well as 66 white paper downloads, plus 52 pieces of media coverage.

The campaign had all the elements of a great story; human interest, topicality and bad news.

Results across social media:

  • 34,000 impressions
  • 389 organic engagements
  • 3,000 visits to the blog and landing page
  • a further 12,615 paid engagements

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“The public sector campaign has been a huge success and enabled us to really get under the skin of our customers in this area, providing them with relevant and compelling content. The numbers of engagements speak for themselves and have helped cement Iron Mountain as the provider of choice for the public sector as it works through this period of significant transformation.”
Rebecca Hannan
Field Marketing Manager UKI at Iron Mountain

Campaign success

  • 80 leads from HTML email
  • 66 white paper downloads
  • 52 pieces of media coverage

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