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Using topicality to stand out


Safer Internet Day is a key initiative for our clients. This is where we like to flex our storytelling muscles.

Bad news

A strong hook that stood out. With reports of teen hackers taking down large corporations, our theme for Kaspersky Lab was ‘what to do if you discover your own child is a hacker’.

A study by the NCA found that the average age of a cyber-criminal is now just 17. Kaspersky Lab research looked to uncover to what extent teenagers have engaged in cyber-activities that may be deemed illegal.

The human element

With our hard hitting news angle sorted, it was time to create the drama.

Our consumer survey discovered that one in ten 16 to 19 year olds know someone who has engaged in illegal cyber-activity. We then involved a psychologist to better understand why teenagers may be getting involved in potentially illegal online activities.

What is the point of the story?

The Kaspersky Lab message was that it’s frighteningly easy for young people to find their way into the dark corners of the internet today. This created significant awareness for the brand at a time when journalists were most receptive.

And the results speak for themselves…

  • 19 articles, including BBC Online with a combined OTS of 139m

Coverage in

UK public relations agency working with the media trustedreviewscomputerbusinessreview computerweekly NewStatesman

, All, Tech PR

“In the six years we have worked together, quantity and quality of coverage has increased unequivocally. There is never a shortage of creative campaign ideas and they certainly don’t rely on the press office basics to get the results. I don’t see Berkeley as ‘an agency’ or as a supplier to our business. Without doubt, they are part of our team – I believe a huge part of our success is down to this.”
Ruth Knowles
Corporate Communications Manager, Threat Research and Strategic Projects, Kaspersky Lab
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