Breaking free from locks and chains


Two-factor authentication firm, SecurEnvoy wanted to use social media to improve its search engine rankings and grow online engagement.

Working with Berkeley, a social media strategy was devised to target the vast #infosec audience.

The #100words100friends campaign provided the vehicle to post creative content. As well as igniting interest and interaction across nine different platforms. This included: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vine, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Sina Weibo.

Content came in the form of 100 posts (per platform) which were peppered with 100 security industry keywords. The posts included engaging, abstract and thought-provoking imagery. Rather than the obvious pictures of  locks, gates and keys.

  • This campaign gained 1,037 engagements and 75,878 impressions.

As a result, SecurEnvoy now ranks consistently at number one for ‘what is two factor authentication’ and more often than not for ‘two factor authentication solutions’.

SecurEnvoy now also ranks for 69 keywords in position 10 or higher on Google.

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Key results

  • Ranks #1 consistently for crucial search terms
  • Ranks highly for over 69 keywords on search
  • 1,037 engagements
  • 75,878 impressions
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