Storytelling foundation course, 22/10/2020


8 seats available


Our CPD accredited Storytelling foundation course helps you to understand why storytelling remains the greatest human pastime and how you can begin to apply it to your brand effectively.

What to expect from the course?

  • The theory of storytelling
  • What storytelling in business really is (and what it isn’t)
  • How you can start to tell your own brand story
  • Looking at real-life case studies and how you can apply those to your brand
  • How storytelling has the power to change how people see and react to things
  • The power to influence word of mouth through storytelling

Is this course right for me?

We believe you can’t tell great stories in business, if you can’t tell a great story, full stop. We also believe it’s vital everyone in your business knows your brand story, not just your customers.

Which is why our foundation course has been purposely designed for all levels of skill. As it develops skills inherently, it can also be taken by anyone looking to build their career, not just big brands.

Course location

100 Longwater Avenue
Green Park
Berkshire, RG2 6GP

Registration from 9.30am
Starts 10am – 4pm

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