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Learn how to attract and influence your target audience with original, relevant and compelling campaigns based on rich insight and data.

Far too often the planning process of a campaign starts and finishes with one brainstorm. An idea or theme is agreed upon and then the work starts to build the collateral. And because the idea isn’t based on thorough research on what the media and the target audience is interested in, what messages and keywords are turn ons and turn offs, or what has been tried and tested before, one in 100 of these approaches actually works.

The rest… flop.

Insight and data-driven planning handbook Effective campaign planning requires a data-driven approach. In this handbook, we’re giving away the secrets to gathering and assessing the required insight so that you can be confident in the campaign’s relevance and success before it has even been launched.

The guide includes:

  • Online listening: to understand what’s being said and by whom
  • Social media audits: to discover where you can make a difference
  • Existing message review: to compare what’s said to what cuts through
  • Competitor analysis: to see what’s working for other brands
  • Influencer audit: to find out what people really think of you and your industry
  • Contextual insight: to put everything into perspective

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