Stories sell. Fact

Written by Patrick Southwell

Stories are nice. Stories are fluffy. Stories are things we indulge in outside of work.


Stories are powerful.

Stories incite change. Most importantly, stories sell.

This has been proven. A few years ago, the Significant Objects experiment demonstrated that charity-store purchases sold on eBay could fetch huge amounts when accompanied with a short purpose-written tale. The project bought items costing about a £1 each, spending in the region of £100. When accompanied online with a compelling anecdote, they fetched over £2,500 in total – an ROI of 1:25.

But you don’t need an academic experiment to see stories affecting change all around us. Politics is the concept of convincing people to back your story and vision. Religions are based on stories and allegorical tales. And business is all about stories.

More specifically, it’s a headline about something your target audience has to grapple with every single day. It’s a few lines about those very people and how they feel about this challenge. But don’t worry, everyone will live happily ever after, because your brand can be the knight in shining armour that comes to save the day.

Once you have this story, you can bring it to life through many different channels of communication – media relations, social media, web content, email marketing, sales calls. The possibilities are endless.

So, if you are about to start a sales, marketing or PR campaign in 2018, now might be the time to change your story and get a better result. Read our free paper on Making Stories Sell for some more in-depth advice.