How to turn a partnership story into new business leads, top tier coverage and global recognition

Mirriad is amazing

It’s no secret that it’s difficult for emerging adtech companies to make their mark these days. Securing quality coverage in marketing media requires creative storytelling. When Mirriad, a native in-video advertising company, approached us to raise awareness in the music press of a new partnership they’d secured, we knew we had a challenge on our hands.

With any campaign, Berkeley starts by building a compelling story around the problem the business is solving. In this case, it was providing artists with opportunities to generate revenue from their music videos. Whilst at the same time ensuring the brands’ interests are aligned with those of their fans.

To support the story, a wealth of visual assets were required. Berkeley built a library of video material and case studies to provide feature packages.  In terms of execution, a sophisticated global distribution plan was orchestrated. A strict embargo policy was implemented to allow for exclusives and pre-briefings.

The activity resulted in 73 pieces of top tier coverage across its seven main global markets. This was just in the first two days of launch. it also brought in  four new business leads for Mirriad. 

Challenge met.

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