Securing highest SOV in a fiercely competitive market


A well run press office is gold dust for an adtech brand, like Tradedoubler. In this fast-changing environment, it’s not enough to push out your own stories. You have to be quick to react to other news too. A brand needs thought leaders, long and short commentary. As well a clear stance on all of the issues affecting its customers. It takes time to establish but, done well, it can set a business apart from its competition.

Performance marketer, Tradedoubler, appointed Berkeley to re-invigorate its brand. As well as establishing the company across Europe as a leader in its field. This required two programmes of activity. The first was a brand consultation phase. Berkeley developed new branding and messaging to be used across all collateral. It applied to future sales tool kits and product launches.

The second phase was heavily shaped by the new messaging. This was the creation of a press office for Tradedoubler. A rigorous thought leadership and rapid response programme was established. As well as monthly content bundles based on proprietary and third-party data. Key spokespeople were trained and taken through a profile-development programme. This  enabled them to build on Tradedoubler’s growing media presence.

Within just a few months, Tradedoubler won greatest share of voice in the market. It kept this title for six months. 256 pieces of quality coverage were also secured for the year.

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