Berkeley Communications


We believe in the power of story

Berkeley Communications exists to help you cut through the noise. Business or consumer. Local or global. Complex or simple. We put story at the heart of everything.

Every story we tell is brutally focused on your business outcomes. Driving up sales. Winning hearts and minds. Boosting awareness – even against your competitors with deeper pockets.

We are an international full-service PR and communications agency. We aim to bring the power of story into every business we work with.

Global reach

As an international PR agency we have offices in Europe and partners in North America, Latin America and across Asia. We operate a hub and bespoke service from our UK headquarters where we create content, manage resources, and execute international PR campaigns through our partner network.

What makes us different?

Every member of our communications team has graduated from the Berkeley Storytelling Academy – the only accredited training organization of its kind in Europe. We teach as well as deliver stand-out business storytelling.

Our industry experience

We have deep expertize in PR, marketing and design services for technology companies, NGOs, healthcare providers, logistics, financial, professional services and the automotive industry. We don’t just ‘do’- we influence the strategy of our clients to help them think, behave and compete differently, more profitably.

Research and analytics

We carry out full-service market research through Arlington Research, our subsidiary sister agency – a dedicated team that helps inform and drive the research strategies of our clients. It is here that data comes alive in the shape of stories.

Our global consumer research panels are a source of information that yield business insights. Insights yield wisdom. And wisdom yields smarter business decisions.

Our storytelling vision

Stories are the stuff of life. They invoke feelings. They help us find meaning and purpose. They unite and bind communities. They help us relate to the world.

When we hear a well told story, we experience the moment because we can place ourselves right in the heart of it.

The stories told and passed from one generation to the next have taught us how to grow, how to survive, how to thrive, how to hunt, how to protect, how to stay well, how to stay alive.

They have changed the course of history.

We believe that this storytelling ideology can be embodied in a business or brand like yours. Because of this, we have developed a six-part story business storytelling formula and know how to harness its power to bring your brand message to life.

Work with us and write a new history for your brand.

We’ve worked with some fabulous clients

We’re the first choice for both innovative start-ups and global tech brands looking for creative and engaging PR and communications.