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Brand storytelling

Change how customers see your business by building a compelling and authentic brand story.

If you’re being overlooked by prospects or overshadowed by your competitors, you need a brand story that helps you stand out. Make your message memorable, connect with customers, or become a more charismatic speaker with the storytelling and messaging workshops from Berkeley Communications.

Through our bespoke business messaging workshop process, our strategists will help you find the single-most compelling message to help your business cut through the noise. Whether you’re launching a start-up, rebranding an established name, or introducing a new product line to your offering, our tailored sessions can find a brand story that will help your business come alive and inspire consumer and B2B audiences alike. We can even help your sales teams embrace storytelling to deliver a memorable pitch or close a sale.

Our brand storytelling process is supported by our expert team of content writers, graphic designers, filmmakers, social media strategists and PR professionals. They all know how to turn your business story into content that will help your brand engage with audiences and stand out from your competitors.

The Berkeley Storytelling Academy

Our CPD-accredited Storytelling Academy foundation course helps individual business leaders understand why storytelling remains the greatest human past time and how to apply it to your brand effectively.

What can I expect from the Berkeley Storytelling course?

  • You’ll learn the power to influence through storytelling.
  • With our accredited, half-day course, you’ll find out what business storytelling really is and the building blocks behind every great story.
  • Through practical, interactive sessions you’ll learn how you can apply those expert storytelling principles to your brand and learn to tell your own brand story.
  • Discover how storytelling has the power to change how people see and react to your business.

Is this course right for me?

We believe that if you can’t tell a great story, you can’t tell great stories in business. We also believe it’s vital everyone in your business knows your brand story, not just your customers.

This is why our foundation course has been purposely designed for all levels of business. As it helps you develop storytelling skills as you go, it can also be taken by anyone looking to build their business, not just big brands.

Each course runs from 10am to 4pm and is presented by Berkeley CEO and former journalist, Chris Hewitt.