What’s in a title?

Written by James Ash

What’s in a name? Or perhaps to be more accurate, what’s in a title? Last week, after months of speculation, Marvel revealed the title of the final Avengers film.

Following the huge success of Avengers: Infinity War, the new title – Avengers: Endgame – is intriguing and will keep cinemagoers guessing and asking questions about the storyline until its release. In equally mysterious style and in quite a rare move, Netflix has revealed the episode titles of the third series of its 80s sci-fi drama Strangers Things.

In many industries, titles are vital as they need to be engaging and draw us into finding out more. But what do titles have to do with PR? Well, nearly everything.

The title of a press release is the first thing a journalist will read when it lands in their inbox. It’s the first thing one of our clients will want to get spot-on before we write anything else. It sets up what is to come in the press release and can quickly convey how a brand can benefit its customers.

When we work with our clients to create their press releases, we use the power of story to identify how they can help others and this is what gives them more exposure. For instance, if a kitchen appliance manufacturer wants to shout about its new range of toasters, then the title ‘KitchenWare launches new-look toaster in more colours’ is not going to be widely covered by the media. However, ‘Boring morning meals begone! Breakfast lovers set to indulge in perfectly golden toast’ has a lot more appeal – even if we are just talking about a household appliance.

The latter title invites the reader to find out more about the product – just like the Avengers or Stranger Things titles. So, when you’re selling in your next big story, have a think. Who are you helping? Why does anyone need to know about what you are doing?

Marvel was hardly going to call the fourth film in a story it’s been telling for a decade, ‘Avengers: We’ve Finally Finished’, was it?