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Out of the media shadows: building a brand presence



In Stats

236.2 million

OTS total


Pieces of coverage in less than a year

Key Results

90 pieces of coverage in less than a year, with an OTS totalling 236.2 million

Two briefings with a key BBC business reporter, resulting in three pieces of BBC Business Update broadcast coverage

Increase in overall share of voice against competitors



Date 2021

Truata is a privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions provider that specialises in privacy risk assessment, de-identification and true anonymization of data. The company enables businesses to unlock powerful insights with its suite of proprietary solutions, while complying with the highest global data protection standards to build trust and transparency with customers.

The problem

Truata was born out of Mastercard and was living in its shadow from a media perspective; the company was finding it hard to break free. It came to us to help articulate its messaging around privacy-enhanced analytics for data anonymisation and to build its profile as a leader – in its own right. In short, Truata wanted intellectual property that could be used to promote its brand name to the world.

The solution

We launched a survey with our sister agency, Arlington Research, to capture the views of consumers across the globe, to understand the challenges and fears they face around data privacy. It looked at how their attitudes had changed over the course of the pandemic, with their ever-growing digital footprint.

The findings were stark. Over three-quarters (77%) of global consumers revealed they’d taken steps to reduce their digital footprint for fear that they are losing control of their privacy. What’s more, nearly half (48%) of consumers admitted to losing control over how much data is stored about them, with 49% feeling that COVID-19 restrictions forced them into expanding their digital footprint.

This gave us our story. It was packaged and amplified via a detailed whitepaper, with contributions from leading experts in the field, designed infographics for social media, and a hard-working media hub, that included a number of press releases, bylines and expert commentary.


The results

Our expert media relations team achieved more than 90 pieces of coverage in less than a year, with an OTS totalling more than 235 million. We secured a briefing for Truata’s CEO with a leading BBC business reporter and broadcast coverage with BBC Business Update. Truata’s share of voice against its competitors rose, and the whitepaper was utilised by its sales and marketing teams to secure new leads.

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