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Kaspersky – Can You Just

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Date June 2019

For the past 20 years, cybersecurity expert Kaspersky has been empowering people of all ages to carry out online activities safely, while remaining vigilant to the dangers that could lie just a click away. Despite tech being part of all our daily lives, a discrepancy exists in confidence and online capabilities between older and younger generations. 

The problem

Gen Z and Millennials are digital natives. They’re growing up with tech at their fingertips. However, it can be easy to forget that getting to grips with constantly updating tech doesn’t come easily to everyone.

To see how deep this discrepancy runs between different generations we embarked on an international research campaign. We wanted to position Kaspersky as an expert in its target markets, who understands the pain points and can help both young and old to stay safe online.

Coining the term ‘Can you just’, the research found time-sapped millennials are being increasingly called upon to provide tech support to an aging population; one that has grown up in a pre-technological era. It may have started with a single ‘Can you just…’, but the demand has swiftly escalated so that it’s now having a negative impact on family and friend relationships.


The solution

Working with our sister research agency, Arlington Research, we analysed the opinions of 11,000 consumers in 13 countries. The team also engaged a psychologist to assess the findings and add an authoritative view. Kaspersky’s in-house experts provided commentary on the extent of the problem and why it cannot continue.

Ruth Knowles
“The results have exceeded Kaspersky's initial coverage expectations, while the campaign has positioned its spokespeople as topic experts”
Ruth Knowles
Head of Corporate Campaigns, Kaspersky

We created bespoke media assets for each target market to highlight the key findings and drive media engagement and coverage. A three-generational case study showcased the real-life impact for radio and TV interviews.

Phase one of outreach was timed to coincide with students leaving the nest for university and parents being left to their own devices to troubleshoot tech problems. Social media engagement and an animated video were vital to raise awareness of the common ‘Can you just’ scenarios.

Phase two of the campaign was timed to coincide with the increase of tech-related troubleshooting around Christmas. Traditionally it’s the time of year when family members upgrade their devices and put further pressure on younger generations, to help set-up their new tech.

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