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How IoT Device Maker Shelly Embraced the Power of Storytelling to Boost Brand Awareness



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Date Winter 2023

Kerry Clendinning remembers the date he discovered Shelly smart home automation devices – August 6, 2018.  As a DIY enthusiast, Clendinning was looking for cutting-edge IoT devices at an affordable price. He has set up roughly 50 home automation routines in his Texas home for comfort, convenience and yes, creativity. Clendinning says having the freedom to customize his home also helps with what he refers to as WAF – wife acceptance factor. It’s something he puts a premium on. “It’s a marriage saving thing,” he said.

The Challenge:

Users like Clendinning have been the backbone of Shelly’s success globally. However, despite their exceptional products and innovative solutions, Shelly struggled to build awareness and gain momentum in the North American market.

Our Client:

Shelly is a leading provider of IoT devices and energy management solutions, known for its innovative approach to transforming everyday living. Their technology enables a seamless and more efficient lifestyle, leveraging the power of smart home devices. This includes highly customizable smart lighting to appliance control, for both home and business use cases.

Our Role:

Realizing the need for a game-changing strategy, Shelly made a strategic decision to invest in a comprehensive public relations (PR) campaign ahead of the highly anticipated 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The objective was to relaunch the brand and new products in the U.S. market. To differentiate Shelly from its competitors, Berkeley Communications conducted a media audit, identifying opportunities to stand out in the IoT and smart home related conversations leading up to the event. These findings would inform strategy, messaging and tactics.

By igniting curiosity and excitement among media, consumers, influencers, and IoT enthusiasts, the campaign aimed to drive brand growth and establish Shelly as a leading player in the IoT industry in North America.


The Emerging Story:

Building on the success of Shelly’s coming out party at CES 2023, we continued to help our client discover and shape their North Star narrative. Utilizing Berkeley Communications’ signature storytelling process, we found a new way to tell Shelly’s story through a narrative-driven, multi-platform campaign.

Lazy is Good:

The narrative told the story of how Shelly empowers users to streamline and automate tasks

that consume time needlessly. Its cutting-edge technology empowers people to transform their lives by making homes smarter, energy-efficient, and more responsive to the needs of the tech-savvy consumer.

Shelly stands as the solution to modern lifestyle challenges, leaving more time to enjoy the simpler things in life. Go for a slow, ambling walk. Sit on the couch. Don’t just take a break. Actively try to be lazy. In fact, “Lazy” is good.

The Strategy:

The “Lazy is good” campaign focused on telling Shelly’s story as a guide, enabling users to create a space where convenience, well-being and energy efficiency go hand-in-hand. At the same time, the Berkeley team established Shelly as a thought leader in the IoT and smart home technology sector. By engaging with key media outlets and investors, the strategy was to demonstrate the brand’s innovative approach and its impact on modern living.


By harnessing the power of storytelling, our collaboration with Shelly has yielded outstanding results, including impactful coverage in top tier media outlets, such as USA Today, MSN, The Verge, and Medium. In one year, our client has managed to boost its brand awareness.

The Response:

Shelly’s users like Kerry Clendinning from Texas say it is good to know they are being more energy efficient by utilizing smart home automation, but he also likes the “cool” factor. He and his wife both enjoy the convenience of pressing a button. As he puts it, “The ease of use reduces stress and makes life more comfortable.” In essence, “Lazy” is good.

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