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pieces of trade coverage for the report

4 million

Total reach


Downloads by new prospects

Key Results

18 pieces of trade coverage for the report

Total reach of 4 million

More than 100 report downloads by new prospects



Date January – June 2021

Ubisense gives software systems intelligence about what’s actually happening in the real world by capturing the location, movement and interaction of things. It does this with industry-leading sensors and an open software platform that business users can easily configure for planning, monitoring and controlling physical process flows.

The problem

The client came to us with an issue – they’d lost sight of where manufacturers were on their IoT journey during a COVID-struck year. Had they raced ahead of adoption, or were projects on hold while manufacturers had to cope with reduced workforces and remote working? They essentially needed our support in defining the lay of land, to know exactly where their prospective customers were.


The solution

We launched a survey with our sister agency, Arlington Research, to capture the views of manufacturers on IoT – how beneficial it is to their business? Are they adopting the technology? Has 2020 accelerated their understanding of IoT? etc.

The findings were alarming. The research found that manufacturers’ understanding of IoT had dropped during 2020, with nearly half (43%) admitting to not knowing the value of it. Instead of using a COVID-struck year to improve their knowledge, the industry had become saturated with mixed messages around the technology which had confused the matter, rather than providing clarity.

We had our story.

We then crafted our angles and amplified the findings of the research through a whitepaper, titled ‘A Lost Year for IoT in Manufacturing: The Hard Work Begins Now’, before launching to the media with three press releases, supported by blog posts for the website.

The results were telling.

We secured 18 pieces of coverage for the research with key IoT, B2B tech and manufacturing press, a total reach of 4 million. The report was downloaded by more than 100 prospects from the Ubisense website within the first quarter of launch, and the blog posts produced have generated website traffic and increased social media engagement.

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