Authentic business storytelling builds trust: ask Carlsberg

Written by Chris Hewitt

Trust is heading in the wrong direction. Truth has become debatable. Facts are not facts. In the face of these challenges, ...

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Authentic business storytelling builds trust: ask Carlsberg

Written by Chris Hewitt

Trust is heading in the wrong direction. Truth has become debatable. Facts are not facts. In the face of these challenges, effective business storytelling has never been so important. If you’re in B2B tech, you might be wondering how this relates to your business. In this post, I’m going to walk you through the implications…

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B2B tech awards: Tips for getting submissions right

Written by Chris Plant

There are countless B2B tech awards to vie for each year, often with umpteen categories to sift through. It feels like a black art for entrants but there are some basic things that will maximise your chances. I’ve managed numerous award entries for clients over recent years, the majority of which have been shortlisted. Over…

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Broadcast coverage success

Broadcast coverage: Tips for better pitching

Written by Sarah Taylor

I recently went to an event that focused on how to maximise broadcast coverage opportunities. It featured panellists from Channel 4, the BBC and Sky News, and was primarily focused on broadcast media opportunities during the “silly season” (read: British Summertime). However, there were plenty of insights that I want to share here that extend…

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B2B tech PR tactics for the summer dip

Written by Lynsey Barry

B2B tech can take a bit of a dip over the summer break with many people taking well deserved holidays. From a PR perspective, you could argue that we face a fundamental challenge. Clients are taking time out, but so too are our media contacts. And don’t forget we need a break too! In my…

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media roundtable

Media roundtable: A simple planning guide

Written by Charlotte Marshall

The media roundtable format is a key part of the PR armoury but, to my mind, it’s used too little. This piece covers the whys and wherefores of planning a successful media roundtable. A PR agency or in-house PR team should lead on these activities but it’s helpful for other stakeholders to understand key considerations…

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Crisis communications at NASA

Crisis Communications: 50 years on from the first moon landing

Written by Alex Kent

20th July 2019 marks 50 years since the Apollo landings put the first humans on the Moon. NASA overcame danger, near misses and numerous other challenges throughout the mission. But there’s one incident that occurred during the final descent to the Moon that stands out for me. It’s an awesome example of effective crisis communications. Permission…

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How to run B2B influencer marketing in 2019

Written by Jana Cave-Ayland

There’s no doubt the world of influencer marketing needs a reboot. A lack of transparency, rocketing fees and questionable ROI are amongst the many reasons brands are questioning how to approach influencer engagement. In some cases, brands maybe questioning whether or not to use influencers full stop. The rules are evolving all the time too….

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B2B video marketing: Does Instagram still love vertical content?

Written by Laura Pride

B2B video marketing evolves all the time, and brands are often caught out by sudden platform changes. If you’re among the growing band of B2B marketers experimenting with Instagram, you may have seen its recent announcement about allowing landscape video formats on IGTV. To date, IGTV’s been home exclusively to vertical video, a format that’s…

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Infosec Europe PR: Setting up for 2020 Success

Written by Emma Jefferies

As the dust settles on Infosec Europe 2019, it’s probably time to assess your marketing efforts around the show. PR around Infosec is critical for driving footfall, engaging prospects and ultimately converting sales. So how did you get on this year? Good, I hope. Did you secure the right media coverage? Was your story heard…

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No business news story: Nobody cares about your re-launched website

Written by Paul Stallard

Your re-launched website is not a business news story. Trust me, I know. I’ve just gone through the process of redesigning and launching one for our sister agency Arlington Research. I understand exactly how much work goes into the process, how long it can take and how much you want the world to see and…

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