Top Tip – Will AI Replace Storytellers?

Written by Chris Hewitt

25 April 2024


Will AI replace the brand storyteller? I say no. The stories we create for our clients stem from a human-to-human exchange. An interview. A workshop. A brainstorm or meeting.

These stories are born from an intuitive, inquisitive, often intimate exchange between two or more humans. The output narrative by definition is unique.

Will AI serve the storyteller? Unquestionably yes.

Fireflies – Assists with note-taking and providing actions from meetings.

ChatGPT – A brainstorming tool, image generator and collaborator. This blog image was created by ChatGPT.

Midjourney – A useful tool for creating interesting imagery to replace stock photos.

So many tools available to help us be a better storyteller. A faster, more productive, more creative storyteller.

The future of AI and storytelling is exciting.

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