Humans of Berkeley – Alisa Hese

Written by Alisa Hese

11 June 2024


While studying German literature at Ludwigs-Maximilian University, and later completing my Master’s in Linguistics, I had no idea that I had started on a path that would lead me into the exciting world of Public Relations (PR).

I just knew that I loved immersing myself in stories. I worked at a bookstore so that I could be surrounded by the written word, then later joined a publishing house – working first in production and then in the editorial department. While I enjoyed my time with the publisher, there were no open positions for a trainee, so I searched for a new challenge. By chance, I found myself stumbling into the realm of PR and my first encounter with Berkeley Communications.

Diving into the world of PR: My journey begins

My career journey at Berkeley started with me as a working student, later transitioning into a trainee role. However, after completing my traineeship, uncertainty loomed over whether PR for B2B IT and technology companies was the right fit for me. I moved on to a lifestyle PR agency, promoting events ranging from birthday parties to art exhibitions, but found it lacking the excitement I thought it would have. This was followed by a quick pivot into fashion-focused PR, yet the superficiality and toxic dynamics of the team quickly drove me away. Berkeley welcomed me back in July 2020 and, since then, I’ve found a real interest in the technology sector.

Adding a personal flair: Balancing work and passion

Beyond my professional endeavours, I find solace in yoga, which provides a counterbalance to my demanding work life. Additionally, I am an avid traveller and find seeing new places and gaining fresh perspectives essential for my creativity. I love immersing myself in different cultures, trying new foods, and getting involved in diverse experiences. Storytelling continues to be a passion of mine, and in addition to the yoga and travel, I’ve been writing short stories and novels since adolescence. Although they remain private creations, they fuel my creativity and imagination. Photography serves as another creative outlet of mine, allowing me to convey narratives through a more visual medium.

Growth and adaptation: Navigating the evolution of Berkeley

Since returning to Berkeley, I’ve witnessed a considerable transformation of our team and our ability to embrace challenges head-on, allowing us to better serve our clients. Each campaign undertaken presents a unique opportunity for innovation and strategic-thinking, and we continue to grow and evolve our capabilities.

Aside from this, one of the main reasons I enjoy working for Berkeley is because we operate like a big family. This may sound cliché, but I feel incredibly comfortable and supported within the team environment.

Who is your favourite storyteller?Bret Easton Ellis

What would you sing at a karaoke night? Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag (everyone knows it, probably sings along, and then nobody can hear my bad singing anymore)

What is the most used app on your phone? Instagram for sure.