Going for gold in B2B PR: Lessons from the Euros and Olympics

Written by Sam Price

25 June 2024


On a surface level, there might not be a huge amount that connects the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament and the Paris Olympics with the world of B2B PR. Yet, while our playing field is the boardroom rather than the stadium, the principles of teamwork, strategy, and compelling narratives are just as crucial.

As the world gears up for a sensational summer of sport, there is a huge amount we can learn from these global sporting events – and use to inspire our own B2B storytelling.

The underdog story: Every business has a journey

Everyone loves an underdog. Whether it is a small nation causing upsets against the football giants, or athletes from less-resourced countries defying the odds. Moments like these are incredibly exciting to watch and create stories that resonate deeply.

Your business will no doubt have its own version of this tale – overcoming challenges, defying expectations, and achieving growth. Highlighting these narratives can humanise your company, making your organisation more relatable and inspiring.

Key takeaway: Uncover your own ‘underdog moments’. Did you overcome a major setback? Was there a pivotal decision that changed your company’s trajectory? Share these stories to create a more relatable and inspiring brand image.

Teamwork trumps all: Collaboration is key

The Euros and Olympics perfectly demonstrate the power of teamwork. A star striker is nothing without their midfield, just as a brilliant CEO needs a dedicated team behind them. Even those competing in the Olympics as an individual would be hard-pressed to achieve their goals without the support team behind them.

Articulating the collaborative nature of business can help to craft a more impactful B2B story.

Key takeaway: When creating case studies or testimonials, talk about how different departments came together to achieve a common goal. This not only helps to showcase a range of expertise, but also reinforces the idea that success is a team effort.

The power of passion: Stories that ignite

The passion of athletes is infectious. We see it in every goal celebration and medal ceremony, as well as in every loss. The culmination of years of training and the sheer dedication towards achieving success.

Your business is also fuelled by passion – for innovation, for customer service, for making a difference in your client’s operations. Tap into this energy to create content that your audience is excited to receive.

Key takeaway: Interview key stakeholders to capture their enthusiasm for their work. Use emotive language and compelling visuals to truly demonstrate your passion for what you do.

Overcoming adversity: Turning setbacks into success

Athletes face setbacks all the time – injuries, losses, missed opportunities – yet they are rarely defined by them. Instead, it is often their response to these challenges that determines the legacy they leave behind.

There is, of course, also a fair share of adversity in the business world. We face economic downturns, crises, and unexpected challenges. But we continue to meet these head on, and sharing stories of resilience and recovery can be incredibly engaging.

Key takeaway: Don’t just broadcast your wins. If you have navigated a major challenge, share that story to highlight your strength and adaptability. This builds confidence in your ability to weather future storms.

A global stage: uniting international efforts

While the Euros and Olympics are competitive, they also unite diverse nations in a shared experience. We are all watching the same wins and losses, experiencing the drama together in countries all over the world.

Likewise, for businesses that operate internationally, it is important to show your global reach and the unification of your company across the different regions you work in.

Key takeaway: Showcase stories from your different locations. Craft messaging that will resonate with diverse audiences and demonstrates a united front – emphasising the universal appeal of your offerings.

Going for gold

The Euros and Olympics are more than just sporting spectacles; they’re masterclasses in storytelling. By embracing the lessons of these contests, and understanding the unifying power of global events, we can craft B2B narratives that captivate, inspire, and drive meaningful results.

So, while the boardroom might not be the place for a kick-about, the stories of teamwork, resilience, and passion can still score big in the world of B2B communications.