From Countryside to Cityscape: My Berkeley Adventure in Australia

Written by Olivia Whittle

14 September 2023


Just about a year ago, Berkeley presented an exciting opportunity for an account executive to join our new team in Sydney, Australia. The role involved helping establish the new office and serve our clients. The moment I was offered this role, I jumped at the chance, and a few months later, I boarded a Friday evening flight to Sydney!

Arriving in Australia was initially overwhelming, especially transitioning from a more rural life to the hustle of Australia’s largest city. One of the first things I did was attend a Sydney vs Adelaide football match. While it lacked the fervour of English football, it was an experience in its own right, with players diving and fouling in a manner I wasn’t used to.

My first weeks were a mix of introductions, set-up calls, and combatting intense jet lag – which felt more challenging after landing than when heading back. A typical day would start with a refreshing beach run or walk, followed by calls, content creation, and pitching. Our office in central Sydney boasted views of towering skyscrapers and rooftop pools – a breathtaking backdrop for daily work.

A standout memory from my time down under was attending the Future of Finance Services event at the ICC in Darling Harbour. This major event delved into automation’s role in banking and finance. Collaborating with a client during this event expanded my insights, adding depth to my professional experiences.

So, what did I glean from my time in Sydney?

The work culture there is distinct from the UK. Australians generally have a laid-back approach, yet they maintain a robust focus on achieving results.

This stint in Sydney was a self-revelatory journey. I identified my strengths and areas for improvement while expanding my professional network. Working alongside the head of Berkeley Australia, Povel, was enlightening. I gained a sense of independence, which I believe mirrored in my work.

One unbeatable aspect of Australia, something the UK can’t quite match, is their coffee – simply sublime! The country also spoils you with quaint coffee shops, stunning beaches, surfing opportunities, and abundant sunshine.

Embracing job opportunities like this undoubtedly contributes to personal growth and offers a chance to explore the world in ways one might not have imagined.

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