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Pioneering the Discussion on Work Time Recording



In Stats

27 pieces

Coverage, including prestigious placements in "Die Welt."


Total Reach, surpassing expectations and contributing to the broader discourse on work time recording.

Key Results



Date 2023


In a strategic move to cement its position as a thought leader, proALPHA Group’s tisoware launched a comprehensive survey addressing the complex landscape of work time recording obligations. This initiative aimed to navigate the economic-political agenda timely, focusing on the legal requirements, implementation obligations, and the nuanced concerns of employees regarding work time recording.

The Challenge

This campaign faced multiple challenges:

Thought Leadership Positioning: Establishing tisoware as a thought leader amidst evolving economic-political discussions on work time recording obligations.

Agenda Surfing: Ensuring the timing of the initiative resonated with the current legal and political discourse on work time recording.

Employee Concerns: Addressing the grey areas of work time recording, including the fears, concerns, and needs of employees, which are often overshadowed by corporate and legal narratives.

Our Client

proALPHA, stands at the forefront of providing comprehensive ERP and business software solutions for mid-sized companies. Tisoware, a proALPHA Group company, specialises in time management solutions, offering tools that simplify and enhance the process of recording and managing work time, thus aligning with the modern workforce’s demands and legal requirements.


Our Role

Our objective was to orchestrate a campaign that not only highlighted the critical issues surrounding work time recording but also positioned tisoware as the authoritative voice on the matter. This involved conducting in-depth research, analysing data, and creating content that bridges the gap between hard facts and the emotional landscape of employees’ work-life balance.

The Strategy

The strategy encompassed a multi-faceted approach:

Collaborative Research: Partnering with Arlington Research to conduct a study that captures both quantitative data and qualitative emotions concerning work time recording.

Employee-Centric Survey: Surveying 1,000 employees to gain insights into the workforce’s perspective, focusing on those directly impacted by work time recording policies, rather than the companies.

Integrated Communication Campaign: Leveraging the study’s findings to fuel an overarching communication campaign spanning earned media, owned channels, and social platforms.

Content Development: Creating a suite of assets, including a detailed study report, press releases, informative graphics, case studies, a dedicated landing page, social media posts, and humorous videos with a wink, designed to support sales, marketing, and PR efforts.

The Emerging Story

The campaign brought to light the intricacies of work time recording, emphasising the importance of understanding employee concerns and the need for nuanced solutions that cater to both legal obligations and the human aspect of work.


The results were a testament to the campaign’s success:

Media Coverage: Achieved 27 pieces of coverage, including two notable print articles in “Die Welt” and various publications across HR industry media.

Reach: Successfully reached an audience of 18,131,437, significantly amplifying the discussion on work time recording and reinforcing tisoware’s position as a thought leader in the field.

By addressing the critical yet often overlooked aspects of work time recording, tisoware not only positioned itself as a thought leader but also ignited a necessary conversation on balancing legal obligations with employee well-being and organizational efficiency. The campaign videos took a humorous and exaggerated look at the challenges of time recording.