Public relations

How to get board level buy-in for your PR budget

Written by Michael Matthews

22 September 2020


Clear and confident communication with customers and prospects has never been more crucial. As companies continue to adapt to the challenge of doing business amid ever-changing circumstances, making sure you remain relevant and real to your audience is vital. This is where the right PR strategy can make or break your ability to remain authentic and trusted during times of unprecedented change. So, to help you crack the C-suite and get approval for your PR plan, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to PR sign off success.

This guide covers the key steps and questions to consider before approaching stakeholders and those who sign-off the budget. Download the guide now to make sure your PR plan gets approved.

The ‘Cracking the C-suite guide’ explores:

  • Our six steps for PR sign-off success
  • How not to get caught out by questions from the C-suite
  • What you need to get ready to take your PR plan to the board
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