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International B2B tech PR in The Netherlands

Written by Matt Smith

23 May 2019


Broad principles about running international B2B tech PR in Europe aside, each country requires a solid appreciation of what the media in that market expect and accept.

We’ve spoken to Piet, our man in Amsterdam, to get a flavour of how to make international B2B tech PR in the Netherlands work.

Benelux – one region, different countries

Unlike in Germany, where you can also manage Austria and Switzerland centrally, managing Benelux markets from any single point is tough.

Although communication across the countries is easy enough, achieving results in Belgium from the Netherlands is tough, and vice versa.

Accents and grammar stand out like a sore thumb. Without a local presence, you will struggle to convince media you’re taking their country seriously.

Find an agency used to working across the borders with partners on a project basis.

Images matter

A picture is worth a thousand words and the Dutch media love a good photograph or an infographic.

If you’ve crafted a viewpoint on a specific topic, make sure you offer a strong image to accompany it. This increases the likelihood of its publication.

Plan and budget for image creation as part of your local activity if you want the best chance of success.

The proof is in the pudding

The Dutch media are fiercely independent. Editors are well known for their stubbornness.

They won’t be impressed if you tell them they should take note of your company.

They believe it is up to them to decide what is and isn’t important, not the other way around.

Focus your time on developing compelling evidence to demonstrate your credibility in the market.

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