Storytelling top tips: a founder’s story

Written by Chris Hewitt, Chief Storyteller

28 July 2021


In our series of storytelling tips, Berkeley’s chief storyteller, Chris Hewitt, shares his recommendations for ways to make the most of your business story, make copy come alive and connect with your audience. First up, it’s a founder’s story.

Have you a rags-to-riches story? This is among the seven story plots that make up every fictional narrative. Think Cinderella, Jane Eyre and Aladdin. From a business storytelling perspective, this as a Founder’s Story.

Interview the founder and ask negative questions to heighten the drama. What was at stake? What did they fear? What internal battles did they overcome? If the founder is no longer around, try the same with the CEO. Look for the human interest angle. An enterprise that was started on a shoe-string run by an unlikely entrepreneur and financed by the bank of mum and dad, makes a good read.

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