Why it’s time to build your employer branding strategy 

Written by James Ash

20 January 2023


Hunting for top talent is a challenge for any business, especially when most competitors in a sector offer similar benefits. After work drinks, relaxed chill-out areas, free lunches, and other perks lack the cache they once held, to the point where in some industries they are now considered expectations rather than luxuries. Instead, what people are looking for is a realistic work/life balance that offers flexibility, as we have highlighted in a previous blog 

With this in mind, employer branding has become not only a hot topic of conversation but a real way of measuring how successful a company can be at attracting new recruits.  

What is employer branding?

In simple terms, employer branding is how a company promote its image and reputation as an employer amongst both its employees and the wider workforce outside of the organisation. This can be achieved by demonstrating the company has a positive workplace culture, competitive benefits and a clear vision for the success of its staff.  

Why is employer branding important?

A recent survey found that more than half of satisfied workers are still open to new job opportunities. So, while many companies, especially brands, invest a lot of time and resources into products and services for customers, the same perhaps cannot be said for how they look after their staff. Product developments, along with new sales, marketing and advertising strategies to support them, take a fair amount of hard work to get right. Yet without employees none of that would be possible, so finding and retaining the best staff possible will breed success. The ultimate goal of employer branding is to create a reputation as an employer of choice, which can help attract top candidates and reduce employee turnover. 

Employer branding through storytelling

One way of building an engaging employer branding strategy is through the power of story. For instance, asking a few current team members to share their positive experiences with a company can give prospective employees valuable insight into what their future role may look like. Sitting current team members down to talk about their daily activities and personal achievements offer a better understanding of what a workplace really feels like. Stories from real people will always offer more credibility and assurances than staged photos or planned company statements. Our own Storytelling Academy teaches companies how to successfully build a brand story through a unique six-step process, which always has a hero. When it comes to employer branding, it’s a company’s employees who are the hero – not the company itself.  

If you would like to learn more about how you can build a brand story not just for your target audience, but also your workforce, feel free to get in touch. 

And here is our Brand Story perfectly encapsulated in 30 secs… if you have the time.