Advertising is a mirror of our times, and times are tough

Written by George​ Hartley

9 December 2022


By now I’m sure we are all feeling the bite of the cost of living crisis. With the war in Ukraine raging on, industrial action becoming increasingly steely, and energy bills soaring, Christmas this year will not be our usual tonic. Conventionally a time when people celebrate overindulgence and materialism with their loved ones, this year we can no longer enjoy the festive period with such reckless excess.

Advertising is a mirror of our times, and for millions across our nation times are tough. The media, and particularly advertising, reflects to us the social moods of the day, and this year, many high street brands have deliberately toned down their promotions of consumerism to reflect the struggles that most ordinary people are facing. Marred by rising prices and reduced discretionary spending, companies cannot afford to be tone deaf in the social media era or they risk alienating the very consumers they wish to attract.