Building a Strong Brand with WordPress: Performance, Accessibility, and Security

Written by Matt Seymour

19 September 2023


We’ve talked about performance, accessibility, and security in WordPress. These are not just buzzwords, they’re the pillars of a successful website and a strong brand.

Here are our top 5 tips for building a strong brand with WordPress:

  • Speed it up: A fast website equals happy customers.
  • Be inclusive: Make your website accessible for everyone.
  • Stay secure: Protect your brand’s reputation with strong security measures.
  • Keep it updated: Regular updates keep your website running smoothly.
  • Choose the right layout: A good layout means good user experience and good user experience means happy customers. 

Now, you might be thinking, “That sounds great, but I’ve got a business to run!” That’s where we come in. At Berkeley, we’re here to help you improve your WordPress site in these areas and more.

When you choose to have your business branded by Berkeley, you’re choosing a partner who understands the importance of performance, accessibility, and security. We’re committed to helping you build a strong, successful brand.

So, why not let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on what you do best: building your brand. After all, a strong brand is a successful brand!