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Cutting through a crowded marketplace of big-name competitors



In Stats


Pieces of earned coverage across the UK and Germany against a target of 84


Combined reach across the UK and Germany

Key Results

136 pieces of earned coverage across the UK and Germany against a target of 84

Combined reach of 26,471,731 across the UK and Germany

Number four in share of voice behind Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot



Date 2022

SugarCRM enables organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprises, to see a clear picture of each and every customer without the headaches and hassles that come with traditional CRM solutions. With Sugar, marketing, sales, and customer service teams can let the platform do the ‘heavy lifting’. Sugar believes that technology should work for you – not the other way around.

The problem

CRM is a crowded space, with sales, marketing and customer service platforms all converging in the Customer Experience (CX) space. This means there are a lot of companies making a lot of noise, trying to target the same people. To make matters worse, there is no specific vertical media aimed at sales and marketing leaders, who are by far the biggest decision makers when it comes to buying a CRM system (naturally). That’s right, there’s no such thing as ‘Salesperson Monthly’. As the up-and-coming player (ranked number one for CRM by Software Reviews), Sugar needed bang for its buck to take on the current giants in the UK and Germany.


The solution

With so many potential channels and media types through which to reach sales and marketing leaders, the challenge was to create compelling content and tailor key messages that would resonate with the target market across different media types. The Berkeley teams in the UK and Germany created bespoke media lists of titles across the technology, business, leadership, and customer experience media that are read by senior sales and marketing leaders. We then created a tailored PR plan of news, proprietary research, thought leadership and case studies which would speak to sales and marketing leaders through those media.

By surfing the media agenda and addressing the issues faced by sales and marketing leaders, we positioned Sugar as the guiding voice for creating a great customer experience, uniting the customer journey within businesses, and championing sales teams. We ended the year with an impressive 136 pieces of earned coverage across the UK and Germany against a KPI of 84. These articles had a combined reach of 26,471,731 across both regions.

This placed Sugar as number four in the industry share of voice behind only Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Hubspot (significantly bigger players with a wider suite of products), and ahead of similar sized competitors. As the customer journey becomes continually fragmented in a world of infinite ways and places to buy products, Sugar is leading the charge in helping organisations to connect and nurture their customers.

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