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Employer Influence in Healthcare: A Bold Move to Reshape a Failing System.


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Date 2023

Today’s healthcare system is unsustainable, with misaligned incentives driving rising costs. In the United States, nearly half of Americans receive healthcare through their employers. Given the cost of care, health outcomes in the U.S. are disappointing at best and alarming at worst. Everyone should have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.

Payers and providers could be the lynchpin to “buying” better outcomes. To put it another way – it is essential to look at ways to incentivize collaboration between insurance carriers, payers, and providers as a pathway forward to improving the U.S. healthcare system.

Our Client:

The Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), a cooperative of nearly 60+ of America’s prominent employers (Coca-Cola, American Express, Marriott, Boeing, Intel, among others) was founded to forge a new employer-centric health approach. While public-provided healthcare (Medicare/Medicaid) make up most of the volume, employer-provided healthcare contributes most of the profit in the healthcare supply chain. This means employers effectively subsidize the system without any upside, despite paying more.

Our Role:

The HTA is trying to change the broken healthcare system with a concerted effort by major stakeholders, namely large employers. To inspire urgent action, Berkeley Communications collaborated with HTA to amplify its message targeting key media outlets across multiple platforms.

Our main goals were:

  • Increase awareness
  • Educate and inspire stakeholders and policymakers
  • Utilize storytelling to illustrate the urgent need for action

The Strategic Message

The HTA’s a leading example of how to drive improved health outcomes for employees and their families covered by self-insured employer health plans. Currently, HTA employers are assembling the first-ever nationwide network of care-standardized independent primary care clinics paid on a value-based care model of simple capitated payments that integrates with existing insurance carriers.

This provides nationwide access to high-value clinics in hundreds of cities, suburbs and rural communities, without needing a separate agreement with each clinic provider.

The Emerging Story

Berkeley Communications developed a targeted public relations campaign to further leverage the HTA’s voice to “fix our broken healthcare system” and challenge the status quo. The Berkeley team positioned HTA CEO, former U.S Congressman and original Author of the Affordable Care Act, Robert Andrews as a thought leader and industry expert, inspiring others to rethink the way we approach healthcare. The narrative centered around how Mr. Andrews is mobilizing to change the healthcare system by collectivizing major U.S. self-insured employers. Our campaign leveraged our relationships with key media outlets across multiple platforms to build Mr. Andrews’ reputation as a thought leader and industry expert.

During the campaign, the HTA partnered with One Medical, an Amazon company, to bring innovative digital health solutions and comprehensive primary care services to more people. This means that HTA member companies representing over 4M+ Americans have access to convenient and personalized healthcare services. The Berkeley team developed a comprehensive public relations strategy to announce this partnership, including targeted interviews and enhanced media engagement.


As a result, Berkeley Communications helped leverage the HTA’s mission to bridge the gap between providers, patients and self-insured employees. Our team secured and placed thought leadership opportunities for Mr. Andrews in tier 1 media title, including  Business Insider, Bloomberg Law, Fierce Healthcare, D Magazine, Inc., Axios, among many others. We also placed bylines in HR Daily Advisor and Benefits Pro Magazine and podcasts in Bright Spots in Healthcare, Relentless Health Value Podcast and Listening In (With Permission): Conversations About Today’s Pressing Health Care Topics.

What They Said:

“We are grateful for your efforts in growing our media presence and believe more exposure like this will help boost our membership growth efforts,” said Tim Garvin, Chief of Staff at Health Transformation Alliance.

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