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Powering Through the German Market with SuperBase V



In Stats


Target KPI from the client: (views/online coverage)


Achieved Views/Online Coverage in total: (including news wire, as of Sept. 20, 2022)


Earned Views/Online Coverage: (including dpa mention, as of Sept. 20, 2022)

Key Results

Exceeding the client's target KPI with a total online coverage of 126,011,403 views, including news wire contributions.

Earning 100,443,278 views of online coverage as of September 20, 2022, with significant mentions and reviews still incoming.

Securing nearly 90 pieces of coverage across diverse media platforms and more than 20 in-depth conversations with key journalists.



Date 2023


Zendure, renowned for its innovative portable power solutions, embarked on a mission to expand into the German market. The goal was not only to introduce the brand to a new audience but also to launch its flagship product, SuperBase V.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was twofold: firstly, to build awareness for Zendure both as a brand and for its upcoming product, SuperBase V; and secondly, to position Zendure as a dependable power station vendor in a market where they had no local spokespersons or experts to advocate for them directly.

Our Client

Zendure has established itself as a global leader in developing high-quality, durable power banks, solar panels, and power stations. Their products are designed not just for convenience but also for resilience, catering to the adventurous and those seeking reliable energy solutions in off-grid situations.


Our Role

Our role was to navigate the complexities of introducing Zendure to the German market, leveraging strategic communications and media relations to overcome the absence of local brand representatives. We aimed to create a compelling narrative around Zendure and SuperBase V, ensuring the brand’s successful debut at the forefront of the German renewable energy sector.

The Strategy

Our strategy was meticulously phased to capture and engage the target audience effectively:

Deep Market Research: We initiated our campaign with in-depth market analysis to understand the German consumer’s needs, preferences, and the competitive landscape. This research guided our selection of key media targets and tailored messaging.

Targeted Media Engagement: Leveraging real-use case scenarios, we executed a highly targeted media strategy, focusing on showcasing the unique value proposition of SuperBase V to key journalists and outlets.

Three-Phased Introduction: The launch strategy was divided into pre-announcement, announcement, and post-announcement phases, each designed to gradually build excitement and anticipation around the SuperBase V launch.

The Emerging Story

Through our strategic efforts, Zendure’s story in the German market emerged as one of innovation, reliability, and sustainability. SuperBase V became synonymous with cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly energy solutions, addressing the modern consumer’s needs for portable and renewable power sources.

Through a combination of strategic market research, targeted media engagement, and a phased launch strategy, Zendure successfully entered the German market, establishing a strong brand presence and setting a high benchmark for product launches in the renewable energy sector.