Design for visual storytelling

Written by Matt Smith

18 March 2020


As marketing and communications professionals, we can often get lost in the creative strategy and narrative of our next big launch or media campaign. Focusing on the storytelling is vital if you want to engage your target audience but neglecting to include design from the beginning of the storytelling process, could mean your campaign will fall at the first hurdle.

Presenting a campaign in a boring or uninspiring way could leave your quality content; blog, white paper, or by-lined article without any readers. While we may have been taught we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the reality is that when we’re scrolling through our social media feeds, or reading the subject of another CRM email, we all make split second judgements as to whether we have the time or interest to find out more.

The more engaging and visually stimulating the piece of content, the more likely we are to click through, read or watch. Successful campaigns involve design teams from the start. This ensures every asset will touch the visual senses and increase the likelihood of your target audience engaging and following the call to action.

The late art director, Paul Rand, summed it up best – “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

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