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Goodbye 2020, you’ve been… interesting

Written by Lynsey Barry

30 December 2020


Well, what a year that was. Who would have thought, 12 months ago, as we were wrapping up for Christmas and looking forward to 2020, that we would experience a global pandemic that would change our lives, and our businesses so much?

Normally, at this time of year, we would write our predictions for the year to come. The trends that will affect our industry, and key things our clients need to know. But this year, I feel a little more reflective. Because despite all the heartache and uncertainty 2020 has brought, it has also helped us think and make changes for the better.

So, as we head into 2021, with more inevitable challenges to come, here are the things I am grateful for this year.

Teamwork makes the dream work

This saying may be cheesier than stilton, but it sums up the thing that has kept me and Berkeley going this year. Our 40 strong team of PR professionals, content writers, designers, strategists, creatives, videographers, and the support staff that keep us going, have worked their socks off this year – whilst dealing with every challenge thrown their way.

I know every MD says this, but I really am so proud of the team we have built at Berkeley. Not only do they do great work for our clients, but they are just so blooming brilliant. Ahem, I think I have something in my eye.

Knowing that it’s ok to not be ok

While business life must go on, the one thing I have held onto more than ever this year, is that it is ok to not be ok. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t be upset, angry, frustrated and scared with all that this year has thrown at us. I am calmest in a crisis. It’s always been my superpower. But sometimes I worry it gives the impression that I don’t find anything hard. Dear reader, I do.

This year has been the biggest challenge many of us have experienced, both professionally and personally, and it’s ok that we don’t have all of the answers. Or sometimes any of them.

I’m grateful for the great support team we have at Berkeley, especially our Head of HR, who has made sure that our team feels heard. It’s helped them know that personal challenges don’t need to stay silent and that support will be there for them. This is something that will be just as important post-Covid too, as we work collectively to make talking about mental health easier.

Whilst Berkeley is coming out of this year feeling optimistic for the future, the fact that we have navigated a tough year – both good times and bad – will make us stronger and able to face anything that is thrown at us in 2021 and beyond.

Our client partnerships

We are very fortunate that most of our clients operate in the tech space. While other industries have tragically taken a huge hit, lots of our clients have weathered the storm because of the technology they supply. PR and content have played an important role in keeping audiences informed, as businesses have pivoted and adapted to the ever-changing landscape.

Despite all 2020 has thrown at us, we have had the opportunity to create and execute on some great campaigns for our clients. From storytelling workshops to research, videos, reports, podcasts, and very pushy and proactive press offices, we are ending the year with strong client partnerships that have been made stronger by the trials we have faced together.

Thank you to all our clients for being part of our story this year. We look forward to even more adventures in 2021. But if possible, not quite as many challenges!

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