How to write a winning award entry

Written by James Ash

20 February 2020


Industry and B2B awards – some people love them, others loathe them. They are seen by many as an opportunity to help their brand stand out from the crowd, but some think writing an award entry is more effort than it’s worth.

For instance, choosing the right category to enter, making business services shine and allocating resources are all elements that need to be considered to ensuring your B2B award submission is worthwhile. However, while industry and B2B awards are often competitive, drafting a successful entry does not have to be the scary challenge it is cracked up to be. If you’re looking to enter an industry award, we have five top tips to help you write a winning submission. Our guide will help communications and PR teams elevate your brand and give you a real chance of getting shortlisted, or winning, that award.


  1. Read the entry kit clearly, and then read it again

It may seem very obvious but making sure you follow the awards and category guidelines to the letter is imperative to drafting a winning award entry. B2B awards organisers and judges want entrants to do well and encourage brands to submit interesting, engaging entries following what they are looking for. Award organisers sometimes go as far as offering advice in their entry kits. So, while submissions are a great opportunity to get creative, use those steps to succinctly convey your achievements and how you are helping customers.


  1. Why now?

Your brand may have been selling great services for many years and there may be internal pressure to shout about it publicly. People will often submit an award entry because it’s ‘the thing to do’, but it may not necessarily be the right time for your brand. If you are going to draft an entry, make sure you have something new to share. For example: have you launched an innovative new solution? Do you have a campaign you think will stand out? Has an executive done something seriously impressive this year? Entering a new project shows how your services are positively impacting customers and the wider industry.

  1. Celebrate your customers

Customer success stories, or case studies, go a long way to proving why your brand offers award-worthy products and services. When judges have dozens, or even hundreds, of entries to review, there is nothing more tedious than a long list of product features. Highlight the benefits other businesses gain from your solutions and demonstrate how your brand is meeting, or going beyond, client expectations.


  1. #StopTechJargon

Tech jargon is commonplace and often used to speak to a particular audience, as well as summarise ideas and even to shorten sentences. But relying on jargon can be detrimental.  Not all audiences – especially those who aren’t heavily involved in your industry – can grasp what you mean. Ditch the buzzwords, the acronyms and the initialisms. Speak plainly and clearly in your award entry so judges know exactly how your business is innovating and achieving success in your industry.

  1. Take your time

If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Like any other piece of work or writing task, an award entry should be prioritised and resourced appropriately. Speak with stakeholders across your brand to learn a little more about how their department could further enhance your entry. Finally,  give yourself enough time to complete the online form and don’t leave submitting your entry until the deadline day. From our experience, uploading award entries can take longer than you might expect – especially if everyone else has left it until the last minute too.

Businesses that value B2B award entries as much as other pillars of their marketing strategy, like advertising and SEO, will increase their chances of being recognised in their industry. If you’re looking for an award entry that stands out, our dedicated content creation team can help you share your brand story through a wide range of different assets.