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International B2B tech PR in France

Written by Matt Smith

23 May 2019


There are some broad principles about running effective international B2B tech PR in Europe that we cover in this post, but getting it right in each country requires a solid appreciation of what the media in that market expect and accept. So we’ve spoken to Gilles, who is based in Paris, to understand more about how to succeed with international B2B tech PR in France.

Few media, limited space

France has far fewer IT and B2B publications than in the UK and their editorial teams are typically between one and three strong.

There are only a few IT columns in the national and business titles too.

This means the media have to be very selective with the use of their time. Journalists rarely cover new products, partnerships or marketing stories.

They also hate meeting a C-level spokesperson who “happens to be in town” and rarely cover start-ups from outside of France.

Instead, they prefer content with an opinion, delivered by a local spokesperson and with a strong French angle.

Less is more

You don’t need to share every single corporate press release with your French journalists.

Cherry pick the relevant stories rather than sending them everything.

Make sure it’s got a clear local angle.

It shows you understand their publication and wants and needs.

Think local

Events need to be local. French journalists want French content, French customers and want to speak in French.

They hate being invited to a long event where they have no chance to speak with a local speaker; or even worse, an event somewhere else in Europe requiring an early flight and a late return.

Never compare or combine France with another country.

Don’t talk about your many customers in Europe without specific numbers for France. That’s all they want to know about.

Keep the content and spokespeople local, concise and relevant and you will do well.

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