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International B2B tech PR in Germany

Written by Matt Smith

23 May 2019


We cover the principles around approaching effective international B2B tech PR in Europe in this post, but each country’s media behaves differently and requires its own approach.

Florian heads up our activities in Munich, and knows exactly how to succeed with international B2B tech PR in Germany.

Think beyond Germany

While there are challenges around running PR centrally in Benelux (see this piece on Dutch PR for information), there’s no such problem managing it across the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) from Germany.

Austrian and Swiss media regularly get pitches from German speaking PR professionals and, as long as the story is localised to their market, they’re more open to this than via a newswire or in English.

When budgeting for German activity, it’s worth discussing how much extra it would be to include Austria and Switzerland. It will probably be more cost-effective than you think.

Hit the road

In the UK, the media is largely based in London.

In Germany, though, it’s far more decentralised with different parts of the country associated with certain subjects and themes.

Munich is the home of the technology titles.

Frankfurt tends to be the place for finance media.

Berlin holds the national publications.

Düsseldorf leads with business titles.

Hamburg is where the lifestyle press live.

This means travelling to the media, or making it easy for them to maximise their own travel time, is a great way of building a presence.

Whether it’s press tours to their offices, press conferences or one-to-ones at trade shows and conferences, go on the front foot – don’t wait for them to come to you.

Have a German website

If a CEO tells a room of journalists they’re taking their German expansion and investment seriously, their ears pick up.

If they then realise there’s no German website, your credibility in the market is going to be undermined.

Have at least one page in German outlining where potential customers need to go to get further local information.

Ideally, have German version of the site created.

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