Make your storytelling stick – and sell – at our online workshop

Written by Michael Matthews

18 May 2022


There is no shortage of research out there – be it scientific or anecdotal – which confirms that people remember and engage with stories. You only have to look at the successful Star Wars franchise or hype surrounding a future James Bond film to know that the formula works!

But how can you be sure that your story will stand out, to be retold again and again? In a world with so many channels through which to engage your audience, and competitors all vying for the same attention, having a strong and relatable story is key to making it stick.

At Berkeley, we don’t just believe in the power of story – it is fundamental to everything we do. From creating a press release or crafting web copy through to compiling in-depth research reports: having a clear story on which to develop content or base a conversation is always the starting point.

So, when faced with a blank page, presentation slides, or meeting with a new prospect, how can you ensure what you say or write is truly compelling and memorable?

That’s what our Storytelling Academy is designed to help businesses achieve, so they can uncover and cement their own successful story. Spearheaded by our Chief Storyteller, Chris Hewitt, the academy workshop takes attendees through the theory behind successful stories and the six key steps behind each and every one, so you can apply the same process to your own business. Believe it or not, the story does not start with you!

Everyone has the ability to become a great storyteller – the hardest part if often knowing where to start. To find out more and take the right first step, why not attend our next in-person workshop at The Shard on June 16th. The three-hour course will introduce you to the six storytelling steps and show how you can put them into practice with immediate effect.

And don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our previous attendees had to say about the course:

“Regardless of what point you are at in your career or what your specific job role is, this course will make you think differently about how you can stand out from the crowd, communicate more effectively and have a bit of fun creating stories that will help you connect with your audience.”

“It was very enjoyable and got me to think about incorporating stories more into my day to day, to make for more compelling business presentations and propositions.”

For more information or to book your place at one of our virtual or in-person sessions visit here.