Storytelling top tips: business stories have plots too

Written by Chris Hewitt, Chief Storyteller

30 July 2021


In our series of storytelling tips, Berkeley’s chief storyteller, Chris Hewitt, shares his recommendations for ways to make the most of your business story, make copy come alive and connect with your audience. Here, Chris guides you through the seven plots of a business story.

Struggling to find stories for your business? Fictional stories typically fall under one of seven basic plot types eg: rags to riches, slaying the monster, the quest, tragedy, comedy etc.

This was observed in the book: Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories by journalist, author and co-founder of Private Eye, Christopher Booker.

Discover the seven fiction plot-types re-imagined for a business like yours – from slaying the monster, to a quest. Find out which is your business story and use it to resonate with your audience.

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