Storytelling top tips: delete

Written by Chris Hewitt, Chief Storyteller

30 July 2021


In our series of storytelling tips, Berkeley’s chief storyteller, Chris Hewitt, shares his recommendations for ways to make the most of your business story, make copy come alive and connect with your audience. Find out why you don’t always need to write more. Sometimes you need to delete. 

It’s a huge privilege when someone takes the time to read something you’ve written. How long you hold their attention will depend on how easy it is to read your copy. So I’ve got three quick tips to help you keep audiences glued to your story.

1. Read your content out loud. You’ll spot the flaws. Good writing should sound like a friend is talking to you.

2. How many words can you delete without changing the meaning? Cull the words you don’t need.

3. And finally, keep sentences short. Very. 

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