Storytelling top tips: Writing out loud

Written by Chris Hewitt, Chief Storyteller

21 June 2022


I’m sitting on a train, so I can’t do this now. But you may be able to.

After you’ve written your next piece of business content, find somewhere quiet and read it out loud. You’ll get a much clearer sense as to whether it sounds right. If I have the time, sometimes I like to record it and play it back.

When you read your writing out loud, you’ll spot the flaws in your flow. I find it works even better if I mimic a news reader. Try stepping into the character of BBC’s Reeta Chakrabarti or Huw Edwards and you’ll soon spot the sentences that don’t quite work – much more so than if you read it silently.

It works really well for scripts, press releases, blogs, social media posts and top tips.

Except when you’re sitting on a busy train.

Give it a try.

Chris Hewitt

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